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Hey you!

You get frustrated with:

🎤Moving between head, chest, and mix voices

🎤 Creating power in your high notes

🎤Expanding your vocal range

You dream of being able to:

🎵 Hit the high notes of songs with lots of power and the confidence to know your voice won’t crack and you won’t damage your vocal cords in the process.

🎵 Expand your range so you can sing higher and lower notes than you can right now and sing more of the songs you’re dying to sing.

🎵 Sing a song that requires both your head and chest voice and make it sound like you are singing in one cohesive voice, rather than one big powerful low voice and one distinct bird or flute-like voice with a gap in between.

🎵 Discover and develop your own unique, beautiful voice, rather than relying on mimicking other singers you hear.

And you want to do all of this FEARLESSLY!

I bet you’ve always loved music and have a feeling, somewhere deep within, that you are meant to sing. 
Through your voice, you want to share the emotions that music stirs within you.  It’s not even that you just want to; it’s that you need to, you feel called to, you’ll never quite feel complete if you don’t.
Am I right?

But something hasn’t quite clicked into place.  There’s something…missing.

Did someone tell you you weren’t talented enough?

Did they tell you to be reasonable and focus your time and effort on something more practical?

Was there a moment?

Is the scene still vivid in your mind? Or was it just that voice in your own head? If this sounds all-too familiar and causes a stir in your heart, then.

Sing Smarter Not Harder
your key to unlocking your true voice.

🎹  I personally teach you 43 step-by-step multimedia lessons with extensively researched and practiced vocal exercises ordered and presented in a way guaranteed to help you build and nurture a powerful and healthy voice that gives you the confidence to boldly touch others’ hearts and lives with your gift.

🎹  My “Sing Smarter, Not Harder” online course will unlock your true voice and make your goals achievable.

🎹  I know this because I have taught thousands of students, from all ranges of experience and ability, and I’ve seen the tears of joy as they’ve achieved their dreams!

It’s not just for everyone else.  If you’re done being stuck, it’s for you, too.

I was ready to start working for a great voice instead of complaining that I never did and stop feeling sorry for myself. Then I heard on one of her videos that Tara just released the course, and I thought “Lets give it a try.” I’ve learned a lot!

I love the weekly motivating phrases. Actually while practicing, my biggest breakthrough naturally happened. I hit a note and accidentally found a different texture of my voice i never was aware of!  Luckily I was recording it. I even impressed my sister with it, which is hard believe me.  Now I am able to work on using it voluntarily instead of  depending on a “good day.“

You know the guy, who‘s always singing? Like literally always, and everywhere? And kinda has a nice voice, but you have the need to tell him that he has potential but he should work on it? Thats me, I‘m that guy. After this class I’d definitely  say my voice is more controlled and I’m more aware of what I'm doing. A friend of mine even said it sounds more professional. I highly recommend this course because Tara is very nice and explains everything understandably and deeply.

-Mike Mark Vidovic


My name is Tara Simon.

I’m known as an award-winning singer, a broadway star, a celebrity vocal coach…
My students make me so proud!

Angelica Hale
earned second place in America’s Got Talent, and that has launched her into a hugely exciting career.

Loren Lott
earned the lead in the Tony Award winning musical, “The Island” and was a finalist on American Idol.  

But who I really am, deep in my core, is a person who HATES when people get told “no” about chasing their dreams.

🎤You can sing powerfully.

🎤You can sing in tune.

🎤You can expand your range.

🎤You can sing in your head voice and your chest voice and transition smoothly between the two.

🎤And you can do all of this in a way that does not damage your instrument. 


You may be worried that you’ve reached the limits of your talent and your singing voice will just never improve no matter what you do.

Well, some of the biggest stars had to put in a lot of hard work to train their voices to be beautiful.

Not sure you believe me? Watch this video of Ed Sheeran! 

And that’s when
Sing Smarter Not Harder

was born.
Who is "Sing Smarter Not Harder" for?
Anyone who is ready to:

🎵 Break through the limitations you  currently experience with your singing.

🎵 Dedicate at least 30 minutes per day to watching lesson content and practicing the skills you learn.

🎵 Hit the high notes of songs with lots of power and the confidence to know your voice won’t crack, and you won’t damage your vocal cords in the process.

🎵 Expand your range you so can sing higher and lower notes than you can right now so you can sing more of the songs you’re dying to sing.

🎵 Sing a song that requires both your head and chest voice and make it sound like you are singing in one cohesive voice, rather than one big powerful low voice and one distinct bird or flute-like voice with a gap in between.

🎵 Discover and develop your own unique, beautiful voice, rather than relying on mimicking other singers you hear.

Who is "Sing Smarter Not Harder" NOT for?

✘  Anyone who is not willing or able to dedicate 30-minutes each day to improving their singing voice.

✘  Anyone who thinks great singers are simply born that way and can’t be developed.

✘  Anyone who’s content with staying stuck.
The strategy:

🎤  The key to building a beautiful, unique, powerful and healthy voice is to practice the right techniques every single day.  Most people spend so much energy worrying that they’re doing it wrong or that their voice will fail them on an important note that they actually create the tension that causes their voice to fail!  It’s a vicious and heart-breaking cycle!

🎤  By teaching thousands of students for well over a decade, I’ve come to learn that anyone can improve their voice when I teach them not only the physical basis of proper vocal production but also nurture and train the emotions that are so vital in the production of a consistently beautiful voice.

🎤  You can’t succeed without both of those components, and they’re both right here in Sing Smarter Not Harder.  When you sign up, you’re not just getting 43 laser-focussed multi-media lessons. You’re also getting mindset strategies that will alleviate that fear and let your voice relax into its power!

 🎤  If you follow these lessons and exercises daily for just 8 weeks, you’ll be amazed at the improvements you’ll hear and feel in your singing voice.

Imagine being confident that you can:

🎵  Sing around other people just as joyfully and confidently as you sing when you’re alone in your car and tapping the beat on your steering wheel!

🎵  Try out for your church’s worship band and sing to the entire congregation every week!

🎵  Shoot for the lead role in the next musical production having open auditions in your town!

🎵 Be the lead singer in a band!

 Are you ready to stop telling yourself “no” and make this commitment to give yourself the gift of developing the voice you’ve dreamed of?
Join me, I can't wait to teach you!
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Sing Smarter Not Harder
Keep wishing you could powerfully and confidently sing in your band/choir/musicals while you sit back and watch others take the lead instead.
+ Keep hearing those voices telling you you’re not a singer (or not a good enough singer) and never know what it feels like to prove them wrong and shine your light.
+ Keep watching and listening to singers express intense passion and create deep emotions within their audience and wish so painfully that it was YOU in their place.
Do you go over pitch problems in your course?
Yes! Not only is there an assessment on where you stand pitch wise, I also offer other exercises and quizzes to hone your pitch skills.
Will I get to improve my belt/chest voice?
Absolutely. One of the main components to being a dynamic vocalist is being able to sing with power and control that power. This course has numerous modules dedicated to improving your power, control, and vocal stamina in your chest range and throughout your other vocal registers as well.
 I want to improve my mix. Is this a good course for me?
Most definitely. One of the main keys to a successful mix is being able to define the feeling when you are singing in all of your vocal registers. This course very specifically defines your vocal registers so that you are able to stop “searching in the dark” for that unattainable and illusive mix.
I have trouble with expanding my range. Will this course help me with that?
Yes, it will! There are countless modules that deal specifically with range expansion and not just how to sing higher or lower, but how to do it on a way that costs you the least amount of “vocal dollars” (more on that concept in the course)
My voice sounds breathy in certain areas, will the course help me fix that?
The course has done wonders for singers lacking in tone and purity of placement.
Do I have to finish the course in 8 weeks?
Heavens no! In fact, there are many in the course who choose to take longer to complete the course. Once purchased, the course is yours for life so not only can you take your time if you’d like, you can also do it over and over!
Does it matter what time zone I live in?
Nope! This course is taken by people all over the world regardless of time zone. Go through it at your own pace and at a time convenient for you.
Can I do it faster than 8 weeks?
The course is designed to have new modules unlock each week. If you finish all of the modules in a certain week early, we recommend you take the rest of the week to real master and practice all that you have learned.
Do I have support during the course if I have any questions?
Absolutely. Tara responds personally to all of the course members questions. Not only that, but for 8 weeks starting from your date of purchase, all course members are given 50% off of all private sessions with Tara and her coaches if you so desire any additional support and  training while working through the course.
Will my voice improve just by taking the course without any added lessons?
Yes! The course was designed to improve your voice autonomous of anything else additional.
I don’t have a lot of free time. How much time do I need in order to see improvement?
Tara knows first hand how busy life is. This course was designed to get down to the details. If you practice at least 15 minutes per day and are consistent with that, you will see and hear improvement.
Do you offer refunds?
If for some reason you are dissatisfied, you will be given a full refund within the first 48 hours after purchase.
What’s different about this course?
First and foremost, it actually works! Second, the entire course is comprised of multimedia video modules and mp3 vocal exercises. Seeing, hearing and feeling in tandem is the key to truly learning and mastering vocal concepts. In this course, you get all of those things.
I’m a complete beginner, Will this course be over my head?
No way. The course is cumulative and assumes you know nothing from the start. The first module even teaches you the “singers stance” (how to properly stand when singing), something most people think they know how to do but don’t.
I am a professional vocalist, is this course to beginner for me?
Absolutely not. Though the course starts with the basics, I guarantee you will still be challenged even in the first week. We move through to advanced concepts quickly that you will definitely feel a vocal workout from.
I am a teacher and would love to use your course for my class. Is that possible?
Yes, please email for more information.
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