Riffs and Runs with Tara Simon
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Riffs and Runs!

This is the skill that SETS YOU APART so you can:

🎤Land the lead roles

🎤 Get the solos

🎤Earn the PAID GIGS!

🎤 Blow everyone's mind!

Riffs and runs are the vocal magic that draws listeners in and makes them want more!
Riffs and Runs are everywhere!

🎵 Current hit songs It would be easier to make a list of the songs that DON'T have riffs and runs!

🎵 Past hit songs: Aretha Franklin: "Respect," Etta James: "At Last," Brian McNight: "Back At One" and so many more!

🎵 Future hit songs (Oh yeah, I'll put money on that!)

🎵 Male vocal hits Anything Justin Timberlake, Ed Sheeran: "Thinking out Loud" Bruno Mars: "When I was Your Man," Prince: "Purple Rain," "Adore," Michael Jackson: "Who's Loving You" just to name a few...

🎵 Female vocal hits Adele: "Rollin in The Deep," "Set Fire To the Rain," Just about anything sung byAriana Grande, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston...

🎵 Country Carrie Underwood (pretty much any song of hers!) Chris Stapleton "Tennessee Whiskey." I could go on and on...

🎵 Pop Sia: "Chandelier," Jessie J: "Not About The Money," "Domino" . Soooo many more!

🎵 Broadway Where do I even begin???

🎵 R &B Mary J Blige: "No more Drama," Tony Braxton: "Unbreak My Heart," just about every Beyonce or Usher song,   Chris Brown: "You Make Me Wanna." Alicia Keys: "New York," "If I Ain't Got You"

I think I've made my point!

Have you ever learned every single note of a gorgeous vocal run only to try to sing it within the song and realize it just sounds…sloppy or somehow... not quite right?

It's frustrating, and you are not alone!

New singers try to mimic the pros singing these beautiful runs and find the timing is a little off, or worse yet it sounds totally pitchy...and they get so frustrated because they just don't know why it doesn't sound like it should.
And they give up.

And it's the saddest thing ever because...

There are specific strategies that, once mastered, will enable you to NAIL those riffs and runs every single time.
Riffs and Runs
your path to vocal excellence

🎹  32 detailed and easy-to-follow video lessons with me teaching specific techniques to transform you into the queen (or king) of vocal runs

🎹  Audio tracks to practice along with

🎹  Access to me so I can answer any questions you may have.

I have taught this skill to so many amazing singers, some of whom have become stars on America's Got Talent, American Idol, and even Broadway!

Loren Lott
Tony Award Winning Broadway Star

I have been training with Tara for about 8 years, and when I first started I was pretty intimidated with certain belting notes, certain places in my head voice… and especially riffing.

I would always get so nervous about it. One thing Tara showed me was how to break down runs so that instead of the whole picture, I could see them in individual sections so they’re not so confusing or so intimidating. Because runs can be so intimidating.

She really helped me out so that now I can run, even by myself (but really I still take a lot of my runs to her!) But by myself I can now hear a run and hear exactly what’s happening in it note by note so that I can follow it exactly. And she’s really helped me to become a better and way more confident singer. And I’m forever grateful.

It's me, Tara Simon!

I’m known as an award-winning singer, a broadway star, a celebrity vocal coach… And yes, I LOVE riffs and runs!
My students are known for their riffing skills!

Angelica Hale
is the only singer EVER on America's Got Talent to have earned TWO golden buzzers. And you had better believe she riffed and ran her way through that entire competition!

Loren Lott
riffed her way through the lead in a Tony Award winning Broadway Musical, the finals of American Idol, and even some episodes of "The Young and The Restless!"  
Victoria McQueen's riffing skills helped her make it to Hollwood on America's Got Talent
Clara Hong's
riffs got her all they way through to the finals in "The Voice."

You can do this too!

🎤You can nail these riffs.

🎤You can become the singer who gets the solos.

🎤You can land the lead rolls.

🎤You can blow everyone away with this skill!

Watch me react to some INCREDIBLE riffs and runs.
Doesn't it give you chills???

All too often people give it a try,  realize there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye, and decide they're just not good enough.

It scares them enough that they give up before they really even get started!

I promise you, like I’ve promised so many other students like Loren, Angelica, Veronica, Clara and so many more:

You CAN learn to not only sing riffs and runs that give your audience goosebumps, but you can also learn to make it look like a piece of cake just like the stars do!

And that’s when your life a a singer will really take off.  That's your ticket.

Don't Wait:

The entire 4-week course “Riffs and Runs” is going to cost you significantly less than you’d pay for one single private lesson with me.  What have you got to lose?

You're receiving this offer because you've already completed "Sing Smarter Not Harder" so I KNOW you're ready for this!  

Join me, I can't wait to teach you how to riff and run!
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